Tosh & Associates :: Premier Bay Area Real Estate Appraisal
Tosh & Associates :: Premier Bay Area Real Estate Appraisal

About Us

Dan Tosh founded Tosh & Associates in 1985.  Dr. Tosh is a certified general real estate appraiser with the State of California.  He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Cranston University and from Canterbury University and has been an appraiser since 1974. Among his many experiences, he was a contract auditor for FSLIC, an underwriter, vice chairman of a Savings and Loan, an executive vice president of a bank, a vice president of secondary marketing, a chief appraiser for two different mortgage companies, a high school teacher and was a member of the US Services League. 

Dr Tosh is currently a certified USPAP instructor.

Shelley Tosh is the managing partner and handles accounts receivable as well as the office staff. She is a former certified residential appraiser with the State of California and holds a masters degree in business management. Shelley has been in the appraisal business for more than 18 years.


We have several appraisers of various levels in our office in the Northern California City of Brentwood.  We are state of the art with all the most current and modern tools. We work with McKissock Education to provide continuing education as well as basic education for real estate appraisers.

We only allow invoicing for clients with a previous arrangement with management.  To qualify for billing your company must order a minimum of 100 orders per month and pay within 30 days. 

All appraisals are personally reviewed and analyzed by the chief appraiser, prior to completion and delivery.  Our turn around time has been 2 to 5 days after the inspection, provided there are no special circumstances. 

We look forward to providing the same quality service for you as well.

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